On our beautiful island we have multiple lakes with fantastic sportsfishing opportunities. Arctic charr and trout sized 1-4 kg can be hooked all around Magerøya. We know all the good lakes and secrets how to get the catch of a lifetime!

In North Cape the local hunting and fishing association has systematically been cultivating the lakes for around 50 years. A magnificent effort offering great opportunities for both local and visiting fishermen and women.

If you want a break from deep sea fishing, go to the mountain and try lake fishing! Cape Marina encourage all our guests to ensure sustainable fishing. We cheer for catch & release, especially for the larger fish. Let's make sure our children can enjoy the same good fishing as we do, when they grow up.

All visitors must buy a fishing license from FeFo (land owner). Read more about the regulatons here: https://www.fefo.no/english-menu/inland-fishing/

When fishing in the small and bigger lakes on our wonderful island, you will also experience the great arctic landscape and scenery. The majestic mountains and powerful sea surrounding us 360 degrees give us all a beautiful sense of wildernesss and freedom. Hiking and fishing on Magerøya gives peace and calm to body and mind.