Safety is our first priority. Our goal is that all guests can enjoy a safe stay, and return home just as whole and pretty as they were when arriving.

To ensure a safe fishing holiday we have robust and safe double hull aluminum boats. They are stabile in the water, and equipped with state of the art instruments for safe navigation and fishing.

Vessel tracking

We have GSM transmitters in each boat to ensure knowledge about the boat location 24/7. Via an app on our smartphones we receive knowledge about the location and alarms if regulated borders are crossed.

Safety equipment and safety instructions

In each boat we have life vests under the aft seats. We recommend our guests to use these at all times. We also offer floating overalls for rent, if our guests don't have sufficient clothing of their own.

At arrival we show you with the boats, how the instruments work and what the sea areas look like. Fortunately we have few rocks and obstacles in the nearby sea areas. Our boats are easy to maneuver. All drivers born after 1980 need a certificate to drive such vessels in Norway.

Sea maps and fishing hotspots

We have detailed sea maps (digital and paper) showing where to navigate and recommended fishing hotspots. Our man on site Kjell has 50 years of fishing experience and will share his knowledge with you. Sharing is caring! :)

Weather precautions

In case of bad weather we will advise you where to fish, and if you can go out at sea at all. It the weather is a bit rough you can choose to fish in more sheltered areas, like in the nearby fjords closer to shore. If the weather is too risky we will advise you to take a calm day at the camp or do other acitivities around Skarsvåg. For example enjoying an evening in our arctic sauna, or